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August 2010



Tor ins Paradies – Wien

Wie sonst nirgendwo in dieser Stadt treffen sich hier die zwei Seiten der Medaille. Die Angst tanzt Hand in Hand…



How to make gun muzzle flare shots

Some very nice tutorial how to make a muzzle flash for your action movie. Many movies need some gun actions scene. Finally you don’t need After Effect for that composition you can composite it in mostly in any better Editing software like Final cut studio or similar.



How We Met Samsung Viral

How we met . A Online Love story told with a simple pen movie.



I need my Super Technocrane …

I need a Super Technocrane for these shoot !
Cinematographer versus Producer, about the battle that is often fought with the film producer over cutting corners, and how penny pinching limits the creativity of the cinematographer artist.



Russian hell car ride

Amateur footage shows a car making a lucky escape from a raging forest fire in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod region.