Russian hell car ride

Amateur footage shows a car making a lucky escape from a raging forest fire in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod region. Fires have killed over 20 people These 4 Volunteers nearly burned to death in the woods. fire under Vyksa ,they drive direct threw the hell of the russian fire in the woods. Cant imagine how the thousand of firefighter have to work to get these massive blast under control.

No News camera team still now can reach the country side where the fire inferno blast. Moscow is under a heavy cloud of smoke and not shure but for these million city now one will have the simplest breath protection. The fear even on european countries comes up after the report that some Chernobyl woods could burn and repeat the disaster that transport polluted smog to other countries too. Heavy Fires were still burning on Friday in the country’s.

other amateur Video from a higher position

Hope that the people get evacuated in time and are save .

More pictures of the the fight against the inferno on these page ECHO




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