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Salzburger Stierwascher

Manchmal wundert man sich wie das die Salzburger so machen. Das video zeigt schön wie...

Fukushima Fallout reach the US reports –

CNN reported first fallout measurements in the US. According to  CNN’s Reporter Matthew Chance reports...

Sandmonkey last Post clashes with police

EGYPTEN BLogger @sandmonkey arrested today his blog turned down here his last blogpost republished. With his last video link from Clashes with police on the Kasr Al Nile bridge, what thes government is capable .

Tor ins Paradies – Wien

Wie sonst nirgendwo in dieser Stadt treffen sich hier die zwei Seiten der Medaille. Die...

I need my Super Technocrane …

I need a Super Technocrane for these shoot ! Cinematographer versus Producer, about the battle that is often fought with the film producer over cutting corners, and how penny pinching limits the creativity of the cinematographer artist.