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Founder Amir Esmann is born in Zurich and growed up in Austria, lived for  5 years in Teheran. He always has been passionate about the convergence of media and technology. His first move into the Media TV Industry was 1989, early recognition in the Austrian Media with the Yugoslavian war reports followed by several International Awards like Golden Rose of Montreux in Arts category. His engagement for Human Rights lead him to work often for  International NGO Documentary Projects and Global corporates around the globe. Amir learned how to light feature films from Richard Kline (King Kong, Star Trek ). For several years he has been working for Channels like BBC, VIVA, MTV music channels for Pop promotions and Commercial Film Producers his work is dominated by strange angles and fancy camera operating style alwise in mind the Audience. Amir has been awarded several times for his light- and digital camerawork.The Camera Department has been founded 2001 to bundle creative force in Central Europe Austria. As result we worked for International Artist on Promotions directly some shooting for Whitney Huston, Jean Paul Gaultier,  and Billy Joel.  Base is in Vienna but  work is nearly  all over the world.
Metaprime Studio was founded 2006 as the Digital Department for projects to support and extend The Camera Department and his Partners in digital distribution and grow.  Metaprime Studio is a developer Framework for  Visual Video and Photo Tools Apps it consult in Social Media, Web Projects Media and Broadcaster related needs .