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October 2009



How to make a Youtube Video more succesfull

This sweet song remembers i played several time after i found them the guy who make it as a tribute…



Slowmotion Videos Highspeed shoots from 250 -10000

Blue Tousand and one Slow Motion Great slow motion work from the Blue man group lovly expermental to explain what…



Timetilt & Timelaps Film miniatures in real live

Two photographic techniques, tilt-shift and timelapse photography are combined in this short movie work to create the illusion of miniaturization. The…



Get a Cameracrew for your movie

Its time for a peace of art film . As we support young movie maker on there projects there are…



Login 2 Live – Pleas hit me as hard as you can Bodybits

Shorty i get a massage from a Director that he need some support for his movie about the Social Networks…