Timetilt & Timelaps Film miniatures in real live

Two photographic techniques, tilt-shift and timelapse photography are combined in this short movie work to create the illusion of miniaturization. The technique can make large ships bob like child toys on the Beach. Or big crowd like ant farms walking along a path .The Photographer Keith Loutit is a Sydney based . His photographs and short films are made in normal  places. Keith “I aim to help people take a second look at places that are familiar to them.”

Each short time-laps  film combines thousands of digital still images.

Tilt-Shift give you a short field of dept so the focus stay on a quite small area in the picture , combined with a very wide lens you get this miniature surreal model feeling of these public scenes . But what makes this films so interesting is that most small persons in the shoot are faceless like the miniatures you use in the Train decoration it gives them a feeling its animated not real .Probably any one have some experience in the child time when He She played with some kind of figures thats probably the emotional connection that makes this videos extremely viral

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