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Its time for a peace of art film . As we support young movie maker on there projects there are every year 2 film projects done with our full support on the Camera side . As this year was quite wild i would like to announce and spread it a bit wider .A short call for the independent movie scene

What you can Winn is a fully supported Film Production crew with professional Cameras Light and sound gear.

Usually this kind of production goes under the hand by recommendation but in the time of Web and social Networks iam shure there are a lot more high profile talents out there that just need a Little help to start there  movie career.

Our base is Vienna Austria but if you need a Camera Crew or Director of Photography some we else in Europe we will activate our Cameraman and Director of Photography  community too get in contact with you and support you film needs . There are about over 900 DoPs from all around the globe with very high experience and profiles.

How you can participate successfully

It should be not your first movie some  filming editing post productions work experience should be there as a background to make it work for you.

A final script and pre-production work should be done already.

This is not a offer for a film beginner it should be seen as your next step to a higher level in your production.

Leave a comment and a link to your expose . Let me know whats your fan community think about your project .

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