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July 2009



Someday ther was a revolution

This video just gave me a a feeling of a deep skin .Probably the most sensitive done Videoclip on the…



The Twitter Hack

Most Twitter user read the Story about Techchruch and the Twitter Documents get publish . Croll Hacker is the Name…



How a Blog can work for Filmmakers

Most Filmmaker and Cameraman have a Website but often no Blog . Mostly Filmmaker are afraid of the load of…



Beta test interactiv Cast video

This Place is a Test area for Interaktive Video based on a Idea for a Socail Casting. Where the user…



How to make Tiltshift Pictures in a minute

Usefull vor any Profil Pix on Facebook or to get a nicer pic from a simple low cost snapshot camera…



Vienna’s Cinema paradiso under the Sky

As the summer time slowly start also in Vienna there is a bunch of wonderful open air cinemas opening now…