How a Blog can work for Filmmakers

Most Filmmaker and Cameraman have a Website but often no Blog . Mostly Filmmaker are afraid of the load of work writing regular for a Blog .

A Blog can be a huge supplement to your main Website and offer more than just your Show reel Portfolio Filmography and Credits. You can describe your ongoing work find investors or support for Film Projects.Blogs help show off the human side of you and your business and can make you more appealing. To get to the point a dynamic site like a Blog  is much higher ranked from google than a static web page that seldom change any content. The Quality of your Videos and Movies cant seen by google but the Keywords and every Blog-entry  . The Search Engine coming back more often to look at your site . The Blog Pings huge big services like technorati and inform therm about a new post , same like a TV station it transmit actively it don’t wait till a search spider pass along . When people come to your Blog they will look too to your portfolio too.


: Content Structure

When it comes to your Portfolio you don’t show everything you shoot your show the best stuff of some of your fields you have worked on in your main Webpage . In the Blog you can even show Tests and some Projects that never made it on Air or to your reel. Online Portfolios getting more and more important .

Just to mention a Friend of mine a France Director get just hired because of his web page and the Reels on it for a huge commercial in Slovenia  .He was wondering a bit because there are more than 1000 of directors on the web ,but which one the clients find ? only the one on the first  Pages of google .

: About what a Cameraman could Blog ?

There are so many story’s you get involved when shooting it doesn’t matter what kind of film-work you make . If you chose to post about more technical things of Film-making to inform and show technical possibilities or you decide to stay more on a story line or even a mix .After a short time your Blog will get his personal note .For my personal point i was many years afraid of Blogging as i cant write iam betherwith images but even my bad typo get loved by people and google .

Share : If you share useful Information or content  people will pass by more often and stay tuned on your work . You don’t have to promote only your work to share other creative filmmaker or visual ideas boost your movie to by inspiring clients and Directors with new and gorgeous ideas .

: How to Start a Film Cameraman Blog ?

There are tausend of ways to start you can go for one of the free blogs on or Blogger but there are so many options out there just tray search .

A Self hosted Blog keep your work on your server and is open for any modification you would like and is the business choice .  If you chose to run the software on your server and are not to shure about the technical matters ask a Friend who know about SQL Java and html stuff .

: Final how much Clients it brings me ?

At the end a short over view i get on my Business Website about 3000 unique visitor a month on the Blog its near 30,000 unique visitor. That was to one reason for a redesign of the Blog .  You can take a shoot and see the old system here It’s a very powerfull B2e Blog that bring me on google first position for some keywords . Like “Cameraman Vienna ” or the funny experiment ” most Sexy TV Channel ” ;-) .The content from the old  is imported here to the new system.

The main Site at is a Joomla System very powerfully to and dynamic to extremely adaptable ot any need as there are modules for any need . It took me about 3 Years to get a understanding of the code under the hud . The best part the as design and test change very fast in Web design too you change with a couple of clicks the design of the full site .

A old style looking Website is like watching a 20 year old movie ,web design is much faster in change than the movie industries .

Playing around with SEO was one year the game for me  and when the phone don’t rings with a new Camera or film-crew or Web request  something was wrong . Now i am into websites Design over 10 Years and my first computer was not a ZX-81 it was a DOS IBM Terminal .

When you are a member of the Director of Photography group on Facebook you can reach me over Skype or Facebook for any help or support to setup a Blog or Dynamic Website .

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Lucas Wells
Lucas Wells
12 years ago

Do you have a presence on twitter? I can’t seem to see How a Blog can work for Filmmakers – Cameraman Kameramann Videographer Blog for Filmproducer on there and I would love to connect with you there. I like your writing style, thanks Lucas Wells

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