Vienna’s Cinema paradiso under the Sky

As the summer time slowly start also in Vienna there is a bunch of wonderful open air cinemas opening now .This little note will help me and you to find them and drop in . It starts several years ago with the Augarten “Kino unter Sternen ” in the Augarten park where the Vienna Boys choir also have his home. Nice but a bit far away from everything else.Now there are about 5 locations how over that and every location by himself is a visit worth.
Here the Vienna Open Air Cinemas most on very classy places ,if you drop by in Vienna for a visit or just wanna meet some friends.I add some personal Stars as a rating if you don’t knowwhich one too chose first.Check out the links for detail program.

Most Open Air Cinemas start when its get dark so about 21.00 entry fees is mostly the same like in a normal cinema around 7,50 Euro.

Kino am DACH – Cinema on the Roof
Urban Loritz Platz 2 ,1150 Vienna
***On the roof of the Vienna’s main laibery ,a vey nice building on the G?rtel. Arti place

Kino unter Sternen – Cinema under the Stars
Karlsplatz Resselpark
***** under the Karls church the most centred one and probably with the nicest atmospher.

***Mostly short-films ,some movies from Tel Aviv University and Austrian Productions

Schloss Neugeb?ude -Castle Neugeb?ude
**Plays Blockbusters like slumdoog millionaire ect have a roof so no rain problems ,but you could loose the sight to the sky.A bit far out of the center Vienna. A nice combo if you visit the famous Central Vienna Cemetery
Otmar-Brix Gasse 1
1110 Vienna

Kino wie noch nie ?- Cinemas Session -Dancing Pictures
*** Mix of silent movies and dance movies mostly for the hard core cinematic .

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