How to add Skype on your Facebook Profile

As Facebook Announce going Pro and adding messenger Function to Profiles it returns to me where is the Skype Apps in Facebook there are many but most of them only work if you friend have also the Apps .
Here a 2 minute tutorial how to add your Skype Button to your Facebook Profile.
Its so simple only a copy past thing no coding etc.

First go to

Than go to Skype page and make a button

Copy and past the button HTML code into the above Application.
(copy:Strg C past:strg P)

Then hit publish to save it

Go to boxes tab left click pencil in top right corner of the skype button.
Click move to wall tab
Thats it :-)

No need for any Pro upgrade more soon … stay close with your Friends outside of FB.
Please post the link to these directions for your friends too share.

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