Obama live spech .. or how one man can change worlds view to muslim world

This morning reach me this video “Muslim Americans Serving in the U.S. Government” over Facebook from a Austrian Journalist friend and i was heavy impressed how the US White house preper the speech in Egypt Cairo University. The speech is intended to help reopen a new dialogue with the Muslim world. At this morning the excellent pre produced YouTube video had 300 views with 150 Comments what is exorbitant with a 50% ratio and in many countries people still sleep or are at work. It already top rated on the List and a additional YouTube Top Banner will help that the people find and see it all around the globe.To serve 2 more same videos additainaly undertiteld in arab language wil help to be understood to the non english speakers around the world.

I never thought seriously that Obama could go his way so straight forward as he due it. Every where people recognise his effort to find a peaceful solution for the palestine Israel problem even in our smal Austria.

The World will watch at 12.10 CET on the White House Channel his speech live and for sure on many TV Channels to. The signs he give to the muslim world are more than just political ones probably not too easy for a Post Bush area to turn the ship and public thoughts from the “Devil Country to Friends ” .
By the way aim sure that the US will profit on this new turn too in economical sense as the Arab country many blocked prevent from buying US products. A Huge market could open for them. As mentioned the talk about World Economic Crisis is in every media and country ,but its not fully true exceptions are most Arab countries as they are not engaged in the Global Financial and Economic System like Europe US and Far Asia.
Here the link to the White House channel ,lets stay tuned
On CNN and Aljaziras too if you have a TV set around you .

What people are saying about Obama right now on Twitter:

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