Fukushima Fallout reach the US reports –

CNN reported first fallout measurements in the US. According to  CNN’s Reporter Matthew Chance reports from vienna.
Maps and weather other reports show already not the 14 mars fallout reports in the US. Now officially conformed by the @mchancecnn reporting from vienna first measurable fallouts reach the US . Also Russia reported increase in radiation levels in Vladivostok.

Nuclear watch Dogs get under fire. IAEO get internationally compromised  to be to soft to the nuclear Industry and specially Japan , allowing a high level of risk building Fukushima Dai-ichi  Nuclear power plant far to close to cost. They been aware of high Earthquake possibility in these area. “The Agency is only for distributing nuclear Energy” risks  ? Who thinks about the risk if not the IAEO ? The fallout disaster will continue in the next weeks to much more regions and countries.

IAEO Vienna CNN Interview

Fallouts reach the USA is still very low but can reach much higher if the catastrophe get fully out of control. As the Reactors that get cooled down are open its the question how contaminated is the white smog from reactor 3 that reach our weather zones. In the Next days the weather will change again and the wind will blow in direction of Tokyo. Don’t want to know how high the radiation will rise in Tokyo 120 km from Fukushima reactors. Authorities report radiation levels had jumped 1,000 times normal inside the control centre of Unit 1 and were measured at eight times normal outside the plant. Working near the reactor is a real suicide harakiri job, big respect to all man and woman that tray ther best to prevent the worst case scenario for all of us.

Phone Report from Vienna by Matthew Chance CNN

According to Reuters France’s ASN nuclear safety agency authority, the Fukushima reach already Level 6 from 7 only Chernobyl was Level 7. Some Organisation like the WHO still think the disaster will not reach a global level “At this time there is still no indication that the radiation spreads over the area around the reactors to come, “said the WHO representative in China, Michael O’Leary, on Friday.

The Nuclear Tsunami  with a  magnitude of 9 earthquake was the largest ever in Japans history compare to Hiroshima it had the  equivalent power like 30,000 Hiroshima Nukes.  More interesting could be the longer-term questions how these catastophe will eventually affect all peoples life in near future ? Germany already turn off one Nuclear plant there politically tricky decision to extend the life of its nuclear plants get aborted.

Official UN Forecast

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