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Camera Crews

Vienna Camera Crews

The Camera Department has been involved in professional broadcast media productions for over 18 years. Working closely with our clients from the pre-production stage to the final production process, we aim to produce innovative, inspiring film content that gets your story to a wide audience.

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Camera Crews Gear Rental

We provide you with a wide selection of camera devices and numerous film tools and accessories to help you realise all your video projects on location. Equipment such as Cameras, Lighting, Grip, Sound and a Studio for your projects are available at The Camera Department Vienna. Extend your shooting with gear or additional Videographer Camera Operator for smooth video production in Austria

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Salzburg Cameraman

Our Freelance Cameraman Cameramanwoman, Editor, Photographer by The Camera Department  Production  English speaking Cameraman or Freelancer in Salzburg Vienna Linz and Graz. Shooting Film Promotional with international Celebs or Global Multination brands for B2B. Salzburg is an unbeatable scene for every event promotion film or even for your Privat Cameraman

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Cinematographer DOP

Some of the most Awarded Director of Photography and Cinematographer for Commercial Corporate Productions and Musik Videos are available. Our Cinematographers are linked to art and come with huge international experience with a wide variety of brands and clients. Major Corporate brands and Int. Production houses trust in our creative DoPs.  All our Cinematographer and Camera Operator speak fluently English to work with your film Crew in Austria

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News cameraman ENG teams

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News cameraman Journalists first choice for Broadcaster quality footage and News Agencies ENG Camera Crews shoot interviews Live Standups or produce additional B-Roll Footage. News Camera crews are experienced in crisis areas and can handle even difficult Newsgathering situations from the best point of view. The television cameraman work closes with international Reporter and Journalist together but can also shoot remote.

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Our Clients and Partners

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