News cameraman ENG teams

News cameraman Journalists first choice for Broadcaster quality footage and News Agencies ENG Camera Crews shoot interviews Live Standups or produce additional B-Roll Footage. News Camera crews are experienced in crisis areas and can handle even difficult Newsgathering situations from the best point of view. The television cameraman work closes with international Reporter and Journalist together but can also shoot remote.

Our  News Camera Operator filmed thousands of interviews and hundreds of global locations scores. The Cameraman performs with your TV Anchor even complex Moderation tasks we are trained in more than the TV NEWS field. As needed we mostly add sound technical and if needed make-up artist teleprompter Operator Gripp Dolly man and Mobile Green Screen on location is a simple task for us. Camera Cranes to complete in most professional standards formats XDCAM, HDV, PAL, NTSC. ENG Camera Crews have at least 7 years of TV experience. Hand-picked teams that guaranty international quality. Native English speaking camera crews available in many major European cities don't get lost in translation. The Broadcaster and communication Industry most booked teams or operate the Satellite feed live camera.

Our main ENG television camera teams are experienced in lighting and have clearance and accredited to shot executive interviews on many press like United Nations Press TV UNO, UNIDO, OPEC, IAEO, IAEA Vienna.

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