How to Live Stream an Event on Facebook

Live event production the easiest way to live stream to Facebook, YouTube
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Go Live with Facebook Livestream

Our Metaprime Studio Live Stream solution is a portable pro video livestream solution for your event sport or conference. Broadcasting to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter youtube and your website. Stream live events and create professional live-streams from any location even if you dont have Internet we take care for an uplink. Facebook Live: Videos streamen From one up to multi-camera solutions. Feed your Livestream into social media timeline for exponential exposure We developed our custom Media APP Solution for our clients. If you need social feed in video or just a Lower Third with engaging Reactions Graphics is possible with the 24/7 Live CGI Backend On-Demand Livestream with Virtual Studios Sets or blue screen from your office. The limits are only imagination Reach a wider audience for global video communication. Multiple live Broadcast cameras from multiple global locations can be switched in one live stream with dynamic studio effects. Content like movies images or sounds can be pre-compose for the live video feeds. Prebuild sub title and banners give the professional look like any a TV Broadcaster. Streaming directly to your Facebook Fan page, Privat Business Group or Event is a unique and highly viral media, ask for a showcase to prove the concept. Interaction makes your Video spread fast.
"YouTube Live Events gives us the option of a live chat facility, enabling our viewers to ask questions and interact with the show on the stage in real time."
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Get your stream on

We have everything you need for live streaming and video recording, building a rock solid, professional video stream with multiple cameras

Stream it like a pro

Facebook Event is the perfect way to organize your event. Use it to broadcasting your event live! A glitzy award after-party Live video is a great way to give people a taste of your event beforehand or after the show. Personalise it with interviews and talking about how excited they are for the event.

Beside the Fanpage Timeline you can also stream to Facebook Groups,
A International Journalists Network support the livestream with real time moderation online during the livestream this garantie you a rich client and viewer expirence. Nearly in any language you wish. Lower third animation and flexible branding alow you to include partners and sponsors. Our media playout server can handle multiple streams to multiple platfroms at once. Let you build the ultimate live video stream expirence to go live on Facebook, YouTube or others.
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Provided Services

Broadcast From Anywhere to Everywhere

Live Video Streaming for Events Our support crew is at your service. We ensure that your event goes out without a hitch
  • Your Website
  • Stream 360-degree video
  • Periscope Broadcast
  • Video Optimization
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  • Social video Promotion

Media Monitoring Solutions

Our custom Realtime Social Media Monitorin System can measure and show in stream how your audiance is interacting in Realtime

Embedding the code on your website

Live interactivity, Monitor your Facebook and YouTube live video and see viewer comments and reactions in real time embed comment and reactions votes in your video.

Encoding for Streaming

Our Livestream gives your viewers a professional experience on any device.

Increase your
reach with a wider Horizon

Increase your organic reach on social media. It is no secret that live video will boost your community and following. Your live video is streamed directly to the news feed of Facebook and you'll reach more people wihth your stream produktion.
"TCDN makes your brand more visible in the Social media video marketplace.”
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Delivers end-to- end social media video marketing stream services based on goals that matter to your brand.

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building success stories with proven online video strategies.

Unique Technology

The quality of your stream depends on the camera and lense used to record and stream video. Therefore, we use only cameras and recording equipment from our profesional departments as this is a essential part of your live streaming quality.

journalists network

Online TV Journalist at your fingertips guide and moderate your community during the livestream.

The Camera Department provides quality local resources for video producer and tv projects with camera crews around the world. We save our clients time and money, expert management paired with excellence professional crews make us the one stop service for your video production.