Worst case scenarios for the Crises -Analyst have to think about –

This Video is a backfiew of one of the best media hiden Crisis 2001 Argentinia – How Hyperinflaltion shows up.The video material is 100% amateur material media was striktly forbiden too report about it .Or you remmber any TV Pics about it ?This dont need any coment .

What woulf be the name of this Crisi ,yes we are in bad times but the media need for everything a Branded name even for a crisis .If not it would not exist in the media and public
A side effect that the internet meida turns to be out is that bad news is delivering mutch faster than 1930 and the fear factor get in on multiple points.
This can rapidly muliplay the economic effect too.

David Carr writes in the New York Times.
“The media gets a bit obsessed with the macabre details of every recession, writes Carr. The difference now is that ?there have never been so many ways for the fear to leak in.?

James Rickards is far more pessimistic about the economic crisis than most of his analyst colleagues. Hes worst case scenarios for the US .

New World Curency :Fear about a new world currency that can turn the US in a depression
The real crash witch could reduce GDP about -35% (Bruttoinlandsprodukt)

China: That holds $500 billion .If the US continue to devalue its currency with bailouts, China’s influence will grows massively.

What iam thinking of is what woud be if a Wurstsemmel (Traditional Austrian Sandwitch) will kost 100.- Euro .How fast it can change ,at the moment the news are over polutiond and not one day with a not one more havy weightet bad news.
Today Chrisler closed ,to bad that i drive one.
relatetd Video about Money (German)

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