Crash of 2009 – Hyperdeflation

This Video of a Documentary Filmmaker was posted in Mars 2008 about 8 Month before .You can self choose how true it is today or tomorrow ? Why Filmmaker should know what is going on next ?
They mostly have too digg very deep to prepare their films and Documentaries or feature films .
My personal view why the Tankgirl is here posting on a Film Blog more about Economic Crises than film is ..following. I have seen the Signs of 2 major wars the Iran war and the Yugoslavian one and all the Signs that show up long befor. The Sings are again the same with the only difference that they are global .Not a good sign and as i was never in fear when i worked on front lines ,now iam .No one get scared about a strong America and ther nuclear weapons its only dangerous if America get too week. Like i read on ones comment ” If America want to make war they make it ” .As the History teach us some how true.
Lets take a good spirit in the hearts and hope that the public and the world will not go so far. And it was only a bad dream ….

What is the Global Food Crisis ?

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