Epic used car commercial

With deep sorrow selling my little beast…  a guy produce this film to sell his used Suzuki Vitara 96
This is honestly the best ad I’ve ever seen for a used car, many After Effect hours spend
This commercial is worth more than the car.
Romanovsky tells us about the adventures of his Vitara. The car has been fighting in the “Jurassic Park” with dinosaurs, madness in “Mad Max” between the fronts and was, of course, already on the moon. According to the video, the Vitara is “a legend, a beast, a hero and conqueror, who drive everywhere.”


#BuyMyVitara - Suzuki Vitara '96 for sale

The Facebook profile of Romanovskys then brings light into the dark as a private seller could put such a video on the legs. Lette works as Creative Director at Gravity, a production company for animations and visual effects from Israel.