For the  30th anniversary of Steadicam, as a tribute to Steadicam  inventor and all-round legend Garrett Brown. Shot during a working day on the Movie Set of Scrubs .

Video clip made by Charles Papert

Steadicam is So Hot (GB Thank You)

Steadicam terms you should know on a Steadicam Set

Not all Film Crew members are related to the Camera Department , but its all time good to know what is going on next when the Steadicam Operator wear his west what kind of shot and what time probably it will need till the next take . All this Terms can help the Property Department and the Costume Department to be prepared long before they get a last minute call. Working and operating a Steadicam is tough job. The most ridiculously awesome steadicam shot ever probably proved that without any shadow .

Steadicam what is your Drop Time ?

Missionary Position

operating position where the operator walks forward and the camera points forward

Drop Time

Don Juan

Operating position where the operator walks forward but the camera points backward


Spin balance steadicam

Long Mode

Soft Mount , Hard mount

Start here to learn about Steadicam balance.

The Steadicam Operator’s Handbook

Setup and Operation Manual
How to Use a Steadicam
Operate a steadicam

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