HOT for Words Most Sexy TV Channel

Sexy Teacher “Paparazzi”

Just tuned in this Youtube channel and really not hardly impressed about this charming sweet program running as a Youtube Channel. The second interesting part she is up now for 1 year and ranked as most watched channel on ALL of YouTube as well – just ahead of Universal Music Group and the NBA. Media Companies with huge Budget to promote their Films and Media Products.W hat would happen if She had the Idea and run to a TV Broadcaster to over it?

As I know you will not make it even to the right person and if they would never produce this show, finding a hundred reasons Not Professional, not Interesting for us etc.
But This Girl shows how easy you can get in one Year a YouTube Superstar.
So take it just a little motivation when you have a great Idea, Just do it it will find hie Audience if it’s good, And there are many incredible good People out there.
What you need is an Idea and a small camera like a Webcam that’s all.
So why most Professional Broadcaster fail with their stream and Social Video Program?

Cosmopolitan, FOX TV Oreyly TV show, Wired and more report about here.
Questionable how many TV Programs with much higher budgets will never reach this kind of Audience take a look at some more of her lessons ..and learn :-)

Probably if I would have a nice Russian teacher like here I would learn more in my school time.

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14 years ago

you are right i dont know that blond girls are so popular in pakistan and Egypt we have to many here :-)

14 years ago

Ineed to you the frequence and sympol rite of all free sexy tv
Im in africa in DR Congo

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