What is the YouTube Style ?

Just take a look at the your tube chart list and its surprising that even the major Medias are far behind the public user generated channels. Only Universal Music made it into the Top 10. The Boys group Jonas Brother is also in top ranking with quite cool videos in the YouTube Style .Many years when Directors want some freak modern Jung style they so called MTV look .It was quite clear how to move the Camera or light the scene. But What is the YouTube Style ? can you reproduce Professionally a Low quality or User generated Look ?
Lets take a look at the Jonas Brothers Video Clips
Extreme Dark under lighten Scenes ,a lot of flair in the Lens like you have it often on Amateur cameras ,some soft out of focus and Hyper Sharp Video Focus .Regularly Bad lighten Scenes or even not lighten looking scenes.
First time i see this kind of Black under lighten screens was on the movie Seven with the DoP Darius Khondji .The Scene where the Police forces run in a floor Black clothes in a unlit floor running to hit the door .Ia was extreme surprised how bloody fearless he was with 3 Trucks of Grip and light on the street just NOT lighting a screen “Black Man in a Black Scene “you can see mostly nothing ,and this on a Major Hollywood Film .I just love it on the side i know here in Austria there is no Director i could work on that extreme i get immidietly fired .

Back to the Jonas Brother Video ,they reduce any panning and dolly shoots to to a minimum . A amateur Video don’t have a Dolly ! Better make some smooth shaking hand camera shoots .No visible Steadicam shoots More bumpy is better!What too due if a hand scene gets too shaky on your test shoots ,nothing more easy than that .The long time leader in Camera tracking 2d3 very well known for their boujou 4.1 have even for the small budget a plug in called SteadyMove Pro for Premiere and Discreet Combustion or also called match-movers.#corection the prise rise from 100$ to about 500$#
Wow their are on version 4 i know this stuff from there beta phase and version 1.0.
So train your skills with the smalls camera your have :-).Don’T care about pixels or HD its your personal style what counts .

Here some Charts or the most abonieren channels Not the most watched
TOP 10
Fred 703.000 Crazy Geek Videos
Nigahuga ( Japan Ninja) 675.000 Ninja Fun
Smosh 628.000 Scool Kids freeking Videos
UniversalMusicgroup 529.000 **Pro Advert Channel **
Jonad Brothers 400.000 ** Pro Band Promo Channel **
Buck Hollywood 310.000 Hollywood Fun Reporter
Kevjumba 363.000 Japan Fan Jumba
Machinima 314.000 Machinima Top Videos some p to
1.6 million views

Far behind but also not bad
Obama 146.400
YouTube Live 139.700
Warner Bross Records Offical 87.500

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