US Ghosthunter hunting ghosts in a Austrian Castle

Robb Demarest team leader of a American Professional Ghosthunter group went to Austria to discover the ghost of countess Salamanca form Spittal Corinthian.Salamanca was known for here bloody attitude and killing of hungry innocent with here hunting dogs.One old man put a spell on here that come true. With 15 crew members Robb stay for one week in the castle to discover the origin of the child’s scream and other paranormal phenomenons Their high tech Equipment record noise and images not visible by human Eye like infrared cameras and high sensitive Microphones.Demarest is for over 20 years in the Ghost business .The Pressekonferenz at the end don’t allow them to say a lot befor the final TV Show Date.
His secret result will be shown in US TV show “Ghost Hunters” soon.
The young ghost hunter in this video been probably the first hunter done shooting a video ,due you see the visual forms of the spooky contessa
Today the Castle is owned by the City and used for Museum and Theater and concert performance. Ever been with a ghost on stage?
The Governor of the City even place the Boone’s of Conessa to a regular grave from the museum but the spooky stuff don’t stop.
Ever hear the Legend about Vienna and the Gate to the Underworld near Vienna , now inside of Vienna as it grows over the original size. Little hint for the Hunters its in the 3 District and after many years i only visit it ones.But this is a other true Legend and not a Game.

Wiki Castle Porcia Austria

Ghosthunter International
Take a look at the 1600 how life was in the castle

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