The Cameraman or Kameramann –

With the fast growing New Media also Video and specially public Videos like YouTube get very popular. With all this new platforms and people who shoot great stuff. I would like to get a little deeper view in to the different kind of cameraman work and responsibility of the term “cameraman”.
Here are some various Jobs all of them use cameraman as simple term but the works are extremely different like a Airplane and a Bicycle riding. Both is important  but for differnt approaches

Sorted by Media Type

Mashinimatograher : Used for the Screen Grabber of mostly Games some Mashinimas getting more views and attention than real Movies one of the major platforms is with a huge follower and fan base.  Some Artisti use these format to prototype there storys on a Game platform like a PSP , XBox, Word of Warkraft or Second life are popular videos done.

Videographer :  A person  how operates a Video Camera mostly a small size Amateur Camera
Video-DJ : A Entrepreneur that use Video and Video Cameras to Produce Visual effects for Clubs or Events stong additional skills in Visual software is needed as most Frames get a artistic look with filters and more . Often Live mix video footage on Stage .
Video Reporter : A  Journalist that shoot his Interview and  edit the footage. From finding the story to the final News feed even voice over is done by ne person. Many local Broadcaster work with Videoreporter on a daily basis also known as Video journalists. He should know how to operate Frame expose and record Sound in a usable quality. Most errors happen on the Sound part . Even big Broadcaster and Online Video Portals work with them as they are often Filmmaker how want to get into business.

Broadcast Cameraman :

You're on TV now

ENG-Cameraman : Electronic News Gathering Cameraman

The type of Cameraman is the usual New Cameraman works with most kind of cameras like DVCAM ,XDCAM ,Digibeta ,HDCAM , BetaSP .Depends on the region and Broadcaster on which format he shoot. The Equipment is much more expensive than the one mentions before it have to work in every Kondition on every place.

Targeted Audience from : 100.000 To Several Millions

SNG-Cameraman : Satellite News Gathering Cameraman

Mostly have only to operate the Camera connected on the SNG Truck Satellite Truck for Live feeds to
the News Broadcaster. Like a live Uplink or Live statement used for News Channels on hot topics. As you cant edit or correct any error during the live feed the setup light and frame must be perfect for the Channel style. Just ask or watch how it will look in the final composition. Mostly they use Lower third banners that you have to respect in your Framing and composition. Sometimes the Ankor man will be behind inside a Monitor Framed
2nd Unit Cameraman: On Cinema or Television Film the 2nd Cameraman beside of the
Chief Cameraman

B-Roll Cameraman:

Get booked for feature or productions where additional footage City shoots ect will be needed .
Camera Operator: They work with the Director of Photography or also Chef Cameraman  and move pan tilt the camera responsible for
all technical details while the DoP is responsible for light and Art of the shoot.  Also on Events and Shows you have mostly have Camera Operator behind the camera as they have only to operate the Camera Pan Tilt Zoom. The lighting will be done by a Event Crew. Keep a good relation to the guy who make the light program he will respect your wishes for additional fill light to get a better picture on the screen.

Steadicam Steadicam Operator same like a Camera Operator only he use a Steadicam Various forms and Models exist since Garrett Brown develop it .

Crane Operator Motioncontrol Operator
Lighting Cameraman : Same as DoP

Director of Photography : Short DoP
Cinematographer : Cameraman shooting only Feature film mostly in the USA used

Electronic Cinematographer : New Technology shooting feature Films also on HD
need special knowledge of the Technologies

DSLR Cameraman (new) :

Since some Photo Camera rise with there pixel resolution extremely high the some Photo Camera get used for Filmmaking .Most popular is are some Cannon Cameras like   XXXXXX   . A Huge Industry build around these camera with accessory that you would need to work properly with them . Gear like Follow Focus Matboxes , Video Transmitter are specially build for these cameras and make them look like a high tech monster. Finally not all Cameraman like to work with that equipment as its urge and still limited to some shots like studio work . Beside you still need a professional full Film crew for a high end production. Some famous TV Shows are shot with that camera and even the commercial Industry like the look and produce commercial with that camera. As you have great lenses for that cameras it gives stunning result with very low focus depth of feels. The Basic Camera is very low prise in relation to a Pro camera. For fast News Shooting its not recommended.

So just a very short overview about all different kind of cameraman that exist with different talent and of course different rates too. And most important the audiance can be from a cuple of hunderts to many millions who see the Film .
Film by Film Studio

photo credit: bambicrow credit: work the angles photo credit: Axel B?hrmann

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Andrea CP
Andrea CP
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sehr nettes Video!

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