This is probably a must have for most Moms of future Filmmaker. Introducing the Steady Child carrier . Perfect Stylish glide for cool moms . The perfect Accessory for busy moms. Child not included .

When ever you need to train with your Steadicam you can simple include your family in the Training. Great April Fun Advertising Film from Director Scott Dermott  “My latest directorial effort. I’m proud it’s for such a great product that you can really believe in. Child stabilization has been a cause I’ve been passionate about for a while and I’m fortunate enough to be able to do my part with this spot”  SteadiKid Glide Carrier

Directed by
Mc Dermott

Nathalie Toriel as “Mom”
Aksel McDermott as “Little Johnny”
Gary Powell and Alex Baker as “The Trained Technicians”
Voice Over: Brad Ziffer
Hair & Make-up: Olga Postolachi
Stylist: Jane Cebotari
Color Grading: Taylre Jones – Grade KC

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