Skype Mobile on a USB-stick Roadmap

Skype On USB stick
Hi just to show you the wounderfull skype elephant
he will be with me all the wey on my Travel in Cambodia Vietnam and Laos.
I will plug my skype (USB) on the Internetcaffe when iam going online so all my fiends will be seen that iam alive


The blog will used for a Travel log too and if like it shoud work with the MMS stuff to you can get live the pictures i will do from my mobile on the Blog

To have Skype on a USB stick have several pluses

1) not every Internet place have skype installed

2) Saved login parameter and passwords No need to enter on a unknown PC your Passwords

How to Install Skype on a USB stick  :

Right click on your drive in windows explorer->properties->Put “Skype-USB” in the box and click apply.(if you want to keep your original name, you’ll have to edit the batch files accordingly)

Assuming you’ve succeeded in extracting this .zip to your USB drive *autorun.inf and a folder named skype should be in the root of your drive — if you put the files of this package in a separate folder it will not work—:
1.COPY Files
First thing is to copy your Skype executable (program files/skype/phone/skype.exe) to a folder that by now should be on your USB drive (Skype/Program/Skype/)

Second: download Junction ) this is the program used to create virtual links, and extract it to (Skype/Program/Junction/)

3.COPY Profile Data
Next (and semi optionally), copy your skype profile (C:Documents and Settings(your username)Application DataSkype(your skype name)->*this is your profile*  to (Skype/Data/Skype/)

And optionally: copy your skype pictures to (skype/data/pictures) or use the great picture I’ve put there from now on.
4.YOUR FILES will be stored on USB too
nb. Skype received files will be stored in (skype/data/files)

Now check if everything is in the correct folder and unplug your USB stick.

Now, how does it work?

This package comes in two exiting flavors, all rolled in to one.

1:  IF your host system is xp with service pack 2 an autoplay message should pop up when you insert your USB stick. To start using skype–> click Skype Mobile.

A console should pop up for a second, after which skype is loaded from your stick (depending on how fast your drive and the system is, this might take a second or nine) the virtual links are created automatically, so just start using skype.

When you’re done, close skype normally, wait 2 seconds for the host system settings are restored and your settings are removed and unplug your stick.

2. If you like to watch what’s going on, autoplay is not supported or it just didn’t work-> use skype mobile the other way.

(dismiss the autoplay dialogue) and right click on your USB drive in windows explorer.
you should now see 3 options you don’t normally see:

register skype mobile
launch skype
unregister skype mobile

Now click on register skype mobile-> a console pops-up and you can check out what’s going on. allow the operation to finish and press space. (virtual links will have been created and original settings moved)

Next: launch skype, use and don’t forget to close skype when you’re finished

When done: unregister skype mobile (clear virtual links and restore original settings on the host system) press space

That’s it!

This package has been tested on an English windows xpsp2, it might work on other versions but i just wouldn’t know. Use this package at your own risk.

Thanks to ThReCa for the original “skype on usb” post and code

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