Joe Cocker conzert in Vienna

Today we had the great Honor to film one of the very seldom conzerts of Joe Cocker
in Vienna .He Play in the Fests?le in the Hofburg on a Privat Russian Party his greatest songs and Song after song you still see and hear ther is still a Good singing with his soul.

The 1 Milllion Dollar Shoot Filming and Recording was striktly forbiden during his show .So we add this Youtube Video for you wher even 2 Goods sing on stage.
The Sign
“If anyone is found to be violating of this clause he will be held liable and responsible to pay the artist one million US Dollars (US$1.000.000.-) liquidated damage
The Artist Manamgment”

When he sing even when you dont remmeber all his songs by name still every song is like a part in life.
This was my second best Conzert i have seen in my Life after Whitney Huston Euro Tour many years aggo.
Greatest Musik in World will stay for ever ,ther is No CD or Mp3 that could give his voice like he is in Real .
When you get a chance to view him dont miss it

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