Picasa workaround with with huge Photo colections

Workaround for big Photo collection and how you don’t lose the overview . Stopping endless scanning of pictures in picasa .

Over the Years i got several 100tausend pictures i have taken most of them Private or for later work on Photoshop or just as Texture or Snapshot . I due my homework too so i backup regularly them on a external hard-drive .The software for fast view Cut and correction Picasa from google is perfect for that on the run photo work , that due a great job but when you Photo collection get really big like 400 Gig and more picasa will lag your computer so incredible that it was not useful for me anymore .Specially when you external drive are nto the super fast ones .

Still i don’t want to change to a other Photo Software as Picasa is the most intuitive one .

The Second favorite also a freeware is XNview great plug-in and open source witch give you similar functions like picasa but much much faster .

Picasa will scan the folders you chose to scan once or regularly .That slow down and is not the point for fast finding missing fotos or stock Pictures to work on them or send them by email .Most pictures get never color corrected but still you dont whant to delete them .

The work around is a for me XNview and picasa together ,Xnview for finding and Browsing photos its even faster than the windows build in Thumb view than than open or move to a picasa Folder by dragging .Added the Open with picasa Xnview adds a additional shortcut so you get really fast in hunting and editing Pictures .

MihaiParaschiv / Pixabay

In this way i hold my picasa folders Small and have still the all pictures in my view area when i search for something or some pics need to be renamed .

Xnview overs several Batch pictures process like converting renaming and many more that’s why its a  more professional solution than picasa .What i missing there are some plug ins for upload to FTP Facebook and Flicker what is included in Picasa with some additional plug ins . Xnview is a grat tool to metatag and add keyowrds too your Photos too .Mostly needed when clients are searching the web for location based Photos.

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