P910 Mobile Bluetooth Webcam

Bevor i will go on some next mobile applikation
I want to take a this mobile note.

How you can use your Mobile as mobile Webcam
In my case i have a Sony Ericsson p910
with bluetooth and the build in camera .
Some nice pieces of software mostly jost some bugs
and you have it work.

For p910910/P800/P900 Sonny Erikson
First you need Remote P910 from mobileways
Second you need a Screen CApture Utility wich also can stream Softcam from Luminosity
probably you can use any other screen Stream software too.

Ok now you place the capture screen window over the
mobile on your desktop and go with P910 in video mode
vuala .. thats it
You now this boring Webcams all-time with the same Film
people sitting in front of their computers.
With this setup you can move around while chatting over video with your partner ,and belive me the Webcam is still very good quality about 12 frames you will get.

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17 years ago

would like to have the Bluetooth dongle witch can communicate with 2 units .
so you can run with the headset for voice and the mobile for live camera

17 years ago

please send me ,driver for make p910i mobile as same as webcam for chat.

17 years ago

ther is no needed driver .
You just need the 2 software packets
1. Remote 910 from Mobileways
2. any Destop Video Capture software
i used the one form Luminosity

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