Making a crazy movie with sheep’s or is a sheep a actor ?

Incredible brilliant Video that show that there are multiple art of making pictures and movies even with sheep’s and some simple LED light you get marvelous stuff out and the fun they had making it absolute viral video.
All shoot with a simple amateur camera .Not the Megabyte Pixel HDTV Quality counts first of all the Idea is most important after that comes the technical details, some how the Consumer Industries want too tell us all time you need more and more pixel to shoot your Video or Photographs.The LED s sponsored by Samsung ,but the Credit goes to the Sheepdogs who really manage to keep the picture in frame or move the Sheep Artist in time on place .
My favorite was the fireworks at the end .On Filmmaker teamwork is all about to get a creative shoot done .
From the Sheepherding Magazine the cast was about 4000 sheep’s .Samsung paid one million dollars and retired all sheep’s to a north Scotland farm for a live in peace till end of their live.

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