How to make viral TV promotion Where is Dexter ?

This simple you tube movie just show very nice how you can give the user a bit more to interact than just watching or commenting on a video . Interactive videos is a long discussed topic on the Television scene but except on some experimental and artist productions not seen much anymore .

With the huge community like Youtube it could work for many brands and even TV Broadcaster to bring some fun in advertisement ,commercials and Live Shows. It don’t have to be all time a huge 35mm shoot to give some additional value for the viewer. Now slowly even the European broadcaster realize that they can use video Portals for more than just promotion or a copy of there TV program. Simple Crowd shoots with linked video for the next level .The Levels and themes are timed to date and time when the TV Show is on air .
Pleas tell me to witch level you make it on these video game .
The video will bring you to the next level on Youtube when you make it and it gets harder on every level . Dont cheat ;-)

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