Google TV

Google get his hand now onto real time Television, right in time the Broadcast industry suffer on many problems from low budgets to lose of viewers to video portals and social networks. Some just finished there own video portal with there content. Best case for me : They show about a week there full TV programm other case Video Portals www.orf with the so called Tvtheke Even as a net and software expert thy make it hard for the viewer to get it run no help section that describe how to mount the special plugin you need for these page.

Google TV name his movement “TV meets Web. Web meets TV” finally its what the people are looking for long time. i was just wondering why there was no other Television Brand offer that earlier. To view Online videos on the big home Screen you don’t need a special TV. If you have setup a little home network and a kind of a Satellite Box with running Linux that connect to your PC hard drives and the Internet you are already there. Most Linux Software on Satellite boxes have a Web browser included just use for watching full length documentaries or the youtube full screen to enjoy your favourite stuff on the big home screen.

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