How to promote my Film Project with Facebook

By 11/24/2013

They are several ways one of the simplest is just post your video or Filmbanner on the Fanpage

If you would like to get more visible or a post by some Admin. read below how we choose


First we look how engaged the Cameraman Member was on the Fanpage


Film Events : We would be happy to  announce your Movie Film Festival Event on the Page just place a referral link Badge back to the Fanpage



How many Friends : How many Film & Camera Friends you have in common with the Fanpage .If Zero or below 10 the chance that any of our other Fans would be interested will be quite low . So keep an eye that you have some of your friends hook up with you on the Page. They will be the first who like or comments and it makes your post hyper visible to all other Membes too.


Special Free Member offer for our community members. We will be quite happy to post your Special to the members if no direct selling is included .


Sponsored Trailer : you can Brand your Movie Trailer soft with the cameraman Fanpage and give us the rights to publish upload it to Face. We will place it for a Time as prefered Movie Trailer for the Page .


Facebook Adds you can place Adds an Admin can add you as an Advertising Partner to the Page so you can place targeted Adds .


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