Fanzone Vienna Euro 2008 – Wher is the Party ?

FAnzone live Camera euro 2008 PArty
Now it get publik on the ORF to that the Maket peoepl on the Fanzones are more than unhappy
ORF report that they make a minus about 4000.- Euro a day each. With a rent of 50000.- Euro
It can grow up to over 100.000.- in this day. I was just on a turistik walk there and the food seller told me they sell about 2 pots of food like nothing .
Not only vienna all other fanzones in Insbruck and Kalgenfurt report the same .
Some guest even get a bit unhappy about a Green German bear they have to sell there.
Austria is host and you come to vienna to drink a german bier ?
Some thing is runing wrong and it costs a lot of money too.

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