Euro 2008 Mediawar Polska -Germany

It start a very harsh Media war like campaign right upfront befor the Euro 2008 Soccer games even start. With commercials like this one the polish TV start to make bad adverts against the German. On Sunday the 8 June the play Poland against Germany will be hold. This kind of Advert could heat up the crowd to a very dangerous mass. Even the Newspapers bring a headline ” Bring us there Heads”.
Some hunt and fits been already on the street’s we are not sure if we should add to our camera crews outside the Stadiums additional Security Guards to protect too them from too emotional fans.
We will add here special information for ENG Crews and TV Broadcasters from foreign countries with some insider hints to get a smooth production and reports over the Euro 2008 games in Vienna Salzburg and the other Austrian Euro Cities.
Just a small upfront info it will be massive traffic problems inside of the city even befor the Euro the traffic collapse with only the usual daily Vienna Traffic.
and here a privat video interpretation ,inspiration …bad news bad signs
The Daylie polish Newspaper “Super Express“. “Leo, bring us there Heads”, the boulvard magazine with (370.000 prints) add a photomontage with Beenhakker holds the uncutet heads of cheef trainer Joachim L?w and Team Captain (DFB) Michael Ballack holds in there hand.

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