CNN s one million $ follower race on Twitter

Lary King Twitter Video Massage to Ashton Kutcher

Shortly it get public that the Twitter Account CNNbrk is Acquired by CNN .The Account with nearly 1 Million Followers was Owned by a young Spanish Student James Cox @imajes who started the account 2007 .The original CNN account hold just about 60000 Followers .Now a Media race on Twitter started who will be the first with one million follower . Cnnbrk CNN Breaking NEWS and Ashton kutcher @aplusk
are the finalist and use all there channels to promote there Twitter and be the first with one million follower .Even Ophra jumped in this race to beat @CNNBrk and @aplusk but that could be hard her follower are at 23000 at the moment.
Some how it remembers me to horse races of the ancient times. Fans of both accounts tray to find the last missing followers and help out for the last missing follower.varius Social prices are announced for the 1 million follower .Or you interested more on Britney Spears on Twitter ? @BritneySpears close to a million too ;-)

Ashton Kutcher Video Respond to The Twitter Million follower Race

Business Insider
Email Transcript about the deal
Los Angeles Times with interviews

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15 years ago

Finally Ashton won the Twitter 24 hour race to the 1 Million follower and show one more time that a individual can beat the giant Media Mogul .David agains Goliath :-)

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