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April 2009



Alarmzeichen China stoßen Sie Ihre Dollar Trillionen ab ?

China besitzt $1.43 Trillion Dollar durch die Krise beginnt China seine Reserven abzustoßen. Sollte China dies weiter fortsetzen kommt es…



Live Stream Test 2 – ignor Pleas

First simple test Mixing Program from Mobile Video streams Streaming over public Wifi Places. To crossfade multiple Video Streams from…



CNN s one million $ follower race on Twitter

Lary King Twitter Video Massage to Ashton Kutcher Shortly it get public that the Twitter Account CNNbrk is Acquired by…



What People are talking about Austria

What people are saying about Austria right now on Twitter:



Sync iTtunes with Windows Mobile

You know the problem that you love to use Itunes on your Desctop but your mobile is a windows Mobile…



Moving in the Top 10 Austria Twitterverse

As i just start in the twitter Social Network thing it runs so incredible fast that i even don’t had…