• Choose a local Camera Crew and keep your budget tight with the awarded Lighting Cameraman as News or Coperate Video optional Social Livestream.

  • Your Vision on Screen Camera Crews and Gear for your Production Show promos or Celebrity interviews Video Crews with DPs

  • The Camera Department offers creative and highly experienced ENG Camera Crews for Broadcaster and News Services
  • Camera Crew and Support Services for Film, TV & Commercial Productions Entertainment Corporate Commercials

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BROADCASTER Eng Teams and SNG Kits for Live Reports

Get a Local Cameraman for journalists and reporter ENG Team or Videographer 

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Gear Equipment and Filmgear for the Cameraman

Individual Camera Equipment  for your exelent shoots one stop all gear 


Work Training & Education Workshops

Workshops  and webcast Training for future filmmaker online and offline Tutors 



APPs Social Media apps for Video Marketing

Transmedia distribution Apps Social Media platfroms visual storytelling, custom MetaPlayer plus 360 Video VR option In deep Analytics in Real Time   

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The Camera Department, founed and realsed April 2002 , if its a beautifully layered Tourism Film, or a distinct panel-based Industry design film, using  powerful HD Camera Systems ; with comprehensive Extensions to style a individual look for each projekt skaled for best public marketing exposure.

  • Creative Crews DOP  Ultimate Style
    A comprehensive mashup,  of handpicked intuitive and versatile film camera people for global brands awarded Director of Photography with high reputation. The Agency most requested.
  • ENG Teams Flexible Camera Teams Streams  
    Our multi-purpose Eng Teams who support advanced social and techikal skills to shoot SD 16:9 and showcase, even sensible situations in gorgeous HD video content. Visual Storyteller for Broadcaster and Corporates 
  •  Webcast  TV Event Crew 
    Our  Filmmaker,  trained in hunderds of events cover soft news and Interviews. video journalist and Reporter, the one man solution for fast news coverage, music promotion on conferences, fairs, tourism or  event promotion. 

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Filmcrew. Location Support

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Learn how to get  Cameraman jobs or free webinars we help to extend and educate your Rocket Launch Start your carrer, with Film Workshop tutorials.


Learn how to customize your Brand storytelling using the creativity of our inhause commercial film director. What is your storytelling stories? new Multimedia Storytelling techniques .


Explore Austria Location even more with a wide range of Austrias most beautiful film locations plus location permission for your best filmmaker or cameraman  in austria Berlin and Prag.  Mobile APPs  


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Want to ask a technical question about Film Broadcasting? Want to a read a selection of style customization from the team leading Director of Photography? Want to read a DSLR dynamic photography Dslr Leses reviews and live knowledgeable tips and tricks of questions with responses? Then please visit the Camera Department Community Forum section dslr photography (Members Zone).


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Cameracrews & Media  Services

Cameracrews & Media Services +++ BBC Scotland’s Science department search for a local camera operator +++ Soon ... More +++ +++

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