Would you like to guest write for the Cameraman Blog ? We are looking for passionate contributors to write on various subjects within TV and Film. We are looking for contributors for the blog. Write for us and get high exposed. The topics we are looking for are :Tutorials, Filmmaking, Filmworkshops, Cameraman, Directors , Making Of, Broadcast Storys, Light Design Inspiration, Technology , Film Equipment Resources, Photography

How to Publish here   ?

Start with your Registration on the Blog you will gain Contributor Status imminently .Pleas follow the guidelines. If you have signed up already take care that your Name is a real one and Edit your a profile add a photo same like in Facebook would be nice or you can just use Facebook Google connect,  it will be added.

All Articles and Posts will have your Credits and link to your profile, webpage  or personal blog add your Contacts information if you wish. Every single Post will be reviewed by a Admin before it get published. Pleas be patient we try to find the best publishing slot for your post. All Blogpost will be postet on our Fanpages too with more than 100.000 very passionate Film People all around the globe

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Guidelines for the article

  • The article  tutorial must be original, it should  be not published anywhere else.
  • The article should have at least 500 words and 2 images you should add  1 Video youtube only
  • We do not accept articles that contain hidden advertising, affiliate marketing, content that constitutes copyright infringement text, images, videos
  • If you are using sources of inspiration for your article please quote and backlink them.
  • The topic of the article must be one of the ones mentioned above.
  • We are looking for high quality stories and material
  • Images must be resized to a width of 600px. There’s no limit for the height.
  • Images in the article must be web optimized and in one of the following formats : jpg, png. Please include the images used in the article in an “Images” folder inside the archive you send.
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  • If you dont wish to publish and edit yourself you can send / share with us also a Google Docs Document out gmail email is videoproduktion(AT)gmail.at

Some Technical Bogging  hints

Give your post some relevant Tags so it can be found easier in the search
Embed a  Video of your work to give some visuals most visitors are from the film biz and love more to watch than to read.
Be Creative with your Title you give your article its the most important one if the Title is boring no one will look at it ,take a short look into google if your Titel is somehow a bit unit and not 1 million time used.
Choose the proper Category all post will show up on the Fan Profile on major categories like Movie Television ,Interest ,Musik , Book
It should be relevant for Filmmaker TV  Movie  industry !
Add at the Top a Image , you can simple edit the image after upload and align it with the Text Blog design is chosen to start with a huge cover pic some Favorite image should be selected in the right top box. The Thumb will also show up on the Facebook wall . Add the Thumb link in the additional Fields thumb at the button of the editor.

Promoted Events

If you would like to promote your local Film Event Festival or Workshop no Problem just give us a shout on twitter or Facebook we will add your  Event to the Fanpage and show it on the blog . We can only promote Film Events that we are admin of or founded by the Camera Department Facebook Page. You should prepare a little discount for Tickets  or some similar giveaway to the members. These is a part  of a program to give our community a something back for many years of loyalty. Add a bit more information about your event location.
So what you are waiting for Happy Blogging