When Cowboys ride the Camera

Its not that uncommon that you meet a cowboy in Austria behind the camera as cameraman its still surprise the people  you can operate a movie camera on many ways. How you operate it take your pans and Handheld will result in a style you not suspect give you a sense for the Idea behind. On a Philharmonic Orchestra you have various kind of Instruments they all get operated in different ways. With different sounds. In the same way you can handle your Video-camera.
You give the Images you shoot a soul related to the topic or story you shoot. The Market tray to teach us that a good picture or video is related to the technical standard . you need the best cameratechniks to shoot good pictures .That’s a big mistake you even can shoot with a low end mobile fantastic short movies and iam shure soon will be the first movie out shoot only on mobile. The Blearwitch Project was a wonderful example how you can work with a Dv camera for a feature witch get screened Al over the world. Stop the format war and tray to be creative
mohab vienna

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