Apache collateral journalism in baghdad

These Video shows the view of a Apache helicopter how they kill several people in Iraq on a public street in east new Baghdad . Two of them been REUTERS Press Cameraman and journalist carrying camera gear on there shoulders. Wikileaks has obtained and decrypted this previously unreleased video footage from a US Apache helicopter in 2007. These Video was released April 5th 2010 . Two young children involved in the rescue were also seriously wounded. US Troops Kill Civilians in Iraq !

“The Pentagon sees no reason to investigate this any further, and there have been no calls for? an investigation. They see no evidence of negative intent or negligence in this case.” Sweep it under the rug and continue to engage reporter, children, and let em boys have a blast out there.” How modern warfare is done same like a video game, that they even shoot on the rescue team who want to help the wounded man is just ridiculous.
A Camera Tripod could be enough to force some military people to engage and shoot with A 30mm automatic Boeing M230 gun from a Apache on you .


Full length video 39min pleas watch and share

Thanks to wikileaks making these videos public

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13 years ago

Weakness of the fourth estate? … (german)

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