How to become a cameraman

Just to turn on a Camera don’t make you a cameraman .

How to become  a cameraman one often asked question here you have a smal very funny video that shows a persiflage  to become a good cameraman. Share it with your Camera Departments and some interested . Its a big difference today since many different types of broadcast cameras and DSLR grow on the market. Every type of Camera needs other operator and videographer for footage.

Directed by Tim Bullock produced by Prodigy Films

“These bad boy give you a clean headshot in a range of 100 yard.”
“You will be focused”
“You will shoot sharper”

Who ever worked in real News Cameraman or as a combat cameraman now that the pictures look very familiar . Some times if some one push you during the shooting keep in mind some News Networks fire the camerman if he stays not in the first row for 3 times. Behind the scenes often forgotten the Camera Assistant belong to the Cameraman not to the rental company film production or sound department . Its the same like the right eye of the cameraman. Without he cant see any thing around him.  The Camera Assistant could be a real live saver . Most Cameraman had many years worked side by side with a cameraman and learned more than just the technical details. Its the best way to learn the Job from the roots.

If you are serious about becoming a successful Cameraman, Director of Photography or Videographer . If you are looking for an exciting and highly rewarding career, then becoming a Cameraman/DOP is something that you should think about. If you have any interest in traveling around the world, using a mixture of creative and technical skills, meeting famous and interesting people, performing a fulfilling job and earning a great income in the process, then find out the top 6 secrets to becoming a Cameraman/DOP below.

1. Keep learning.

2. Have a ‘Good Eye’.

3. Be able to work quickly (and most importantly calmly) under pressure.

4. Be able to work alone and also being able to work within a team.

5. Always be enthused and positive towards the production.

6. Find solutions, not problems.

Look for part-time jobs that have anything to do with cameras, studio , lighting or editing. Your local TV station can be a possibility have  work as an intern or summer jobs.

You have a suggestion to extend the hint List ? post it in the comments, would be proud to add it with your credits

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Veronika Lementareva
Veronika Lementareva
12 years ago

Master-class The Practice theory of light in Moscow

Gvants Barabadze
12 years ago

participate in our festival. The Festival’s goal is to support the development of movie and TV cameramen, promote and stimulate their work, identify and encourage the best.

Joe Yaggi
12 years ago

That is F’in hilarious! Well done. :)

11 years ago

This is a funny short movie :-))

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