Euro 2008 Austrian biggest Touristic disaster

There is a massive lack of interest for one of the 3 biggest event in the World the Euro 2008 games .All Hotels have still place free in all categories and even the 38 euro sleeping places are available .Parking places more than you need even a hour befor the game at the Hanapi station. A very Sad news ,the media don’t report till now there is the first dead victim in Klagenfurt one day befor the official start in Austria . A Security guy get attacked by a Polish fan with a knife.(Not conformed).This are the security’s working for the 6 Euro a hour on that kind of dangerous places.
Hopefully it will stay quite and peaceful for us.
In Vienna it looks quite very save many police and safety zones even for big crowds .
And the Croatian fans just been great guests in Vienna making a peaceful Party on there Winn against Austria .

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