Arri Alexa Camera Software Update SUP 3.0

ARRI just released the brand new software update for the ALEXA Camera. Some very interesting features that will target the Cinematorgrapher heart in the same way as the Producers. In a short period Arri upgrade his Firmware for the Alexa to version Sup 3.0, shortly befor the IBC 2010 in September it was the update to Sup 2.0 witch enhance the Camera with ProRes feature.

Whats new on ALEXA Sup 3.0
Most important is the new Playback ability , now you can see what you have shoot right on the set. Playout on the monitor and on the Rack. Simple Playbutton dubble push plays back the last scene. Setting circle or Loop operation or Jog and shuttling the Clips by simple pressing the Jog wheel 2 times. Very nice features that makes life much saver for Directors and Director of Photography. Get Back to Normal shooting mode by simple pressing the Play button for 2 seconds.

Audio Recording is now enabled on the XLR 5 pin input is Line Level Stereo input. Audio get recorded as Quicktime and will output on HD-SDI embed

More Metadataadded to the ARRI RAW and HD-SDI video output embed also in the QuickTime metadata and in the FCP XML file on the SXS card. Metadata will be also on the Framegrabs .

ARRI Tech Talk Whats new on ALEXA by Marc Shipman

They impove the Sensor Software with higher sensitivity up to EI 3200 for Low light situations on the Exposure Index. Fully remoded Color Settings changed also with four new Gama settings. Log-C Wide Gamut, Log-C Film and DCI P3 color matrices. Log C Filmmatrix OFF and Filmmatrix ON will bring richer collors in the highlight areas wich match the ARRISCAN film scanner settings. LOG C is a very flat curve. REC709 output standard Video Signal or DCI P3 Digital Cinema Initiative standard with a wider color scale.

Read more on Arri Color Processing

The Peltier temperature control is a Thermoelectric Cooler Modul TEC heat pump which will improve shooting in hot and tropical areas.

Short Arri Tech Notes:

  • In-camera playback  from on-board SxS PRO Takes can be played back on the EVF camera viewfinder and on the Monitor Output  via different
    camera outputs, enabling an instant image check. Frame lines as well as
    information about each clip can optionally be seen in the viewfinder or
    superimposed on the image output.
  • Audio recording In-camera Audio can be recorded at various framespeed  rates and embedded into the image
    output, providing a useful guide track on the audio workflow.
  • New viewfinder display mode
    Eliminates shuttering in the viewfinder
    image, making camera operating easier for shots involving fast pans or
    fast action within the frame. The optional smooth mode, for any frame rate up to 30 fps and any
    shutter angle up to 180 degrees,
  • Single frame SD Frame grabsStill images for continuity, lighting or grading references, as well as
    many other uses, can now be grabbed and stored on the camera’s SD card
    at any time during standby, recording or playback. Images can be stored
    as jpg, tif or dpx files.
  • EI 3200ALEXA’s Sensor software has been extended to EI 3200, for low light
    situations. The new line up of exposure indices is: EI 160; EI 200; EI 400; EI 800; EI 1600; EI 3200.
  • Improved color processingThe color processing engine of ALEXA has been significantly enhanced,
    providing higher color saturation in highlights as well as improved skin
    tones under tungsten light. Two new gamma options have been added: Log C
    (film matrix on) delivers a signal similar to negative film scanned on
    an ARRISCAN, and DCI P3 is the color space used for digital cinema
  • False color exposure checkThe false color exposure check changes the image to black-and-white, and
    uses color to indicate specific signal levels such as clipping, skin
    tones and 18% medium grey.
  • Additional frame line optionsIt is now possible to superimpose two frame lines, two user rectangles, a
    center mark and a surround view mask over the viewfinder and output
    images, all at the same time. This is especially useful for productions
    with deliverables of different aspect ratios.
  • HD-SDI 3G Single LinkThis allows a 4:2:2 signal at 48, 50, 59.94 or 60 fps to be sent over
    just one BNC cable, for situations where minimizing cables would be
    beneficial. A further advantage of SUP 3.0 when it comes to HD-SDI
    outputs is the ability to include a Variflag signal.
  • Tropical mode Peltier temperature control setting for the ALEXA sensor, for use in high humidity environments

You can update your camera Software with these Download Link form the Arri Web-page.  Download Arri Software Update

Changes on Update SUP 2.0
In Camera Recording with SxS Pro Cards with Pro Res Codec uptoo 30fps
Wich allow to produce fast Offline Preview Dailies .
HD-SDI External recording
Codecs 422 (HQ) PRO Res 4444, ProRes Proxy ,Pro Res LT , Pro Res 422 which support the Shot and Edit feature .
ARRI RAW if you need a 2K resolution
ISO 160 uptoo  ISO 1600

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