1000 cameraman on a Football game without the FIFA

in relation to the 20 or 40 cameras of the National Broadcaster its much more then they could ever place along the field.

What to due with 500 Video Cameras
Now go and bundle the 500 cameras online to one media stream.
OK now you have a virtual Reel Camera .The visitor can track or chose witch viewpoint he would like to view the football suchlike panning a a Panorama camera
or tracking along the football field.

Oh Quality yes the main aspect bad quality …
I know for my 20 Years in the Broadcast bis we all just tray to stay on the notch with best quality and international Broadcast standards.
But we have seen in all countries there are new formats form poor quality but with
a real good or realistic feeling.

What it would be better a Girl that is dressed well and prepared perfectly or just the truth buty or sometimes just the truth.

I always prefer the truth …

This was a Brainstorm ..Vienna

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